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Sensei Asian Bistro unites classic along with modern Asian elements in a sophisticated, contemporary setting.

With customers and victuals at our core, we strive to uphold these values: 

  • To create a welcoming warm environment to inspire better lives.

  • To build a present moment, connecting customers and us with simplicity, clarity, and respect.

  • To execute our work to the best of our abilities, holding ourselves accountable for all words and actions.



Founder Hu started working in restaurant at his age of 19. He studied at "New East Cuisine School" in Beijing to begin his knowledge in cuisine art. Meanwhile, he graduated as an Engineer of Material.

After years of learning and cooking, Hu decided to fulfill his life-long dream of working as a chef & restaurateur.

Education and Certificates:

  • Master of Material Science & Engineering / UF alumni

  • China National Cuisine Teacher Level 2

  • WSET Wine Specialist Level 3

  • Seattle Barista Academy 

  • Elite Bartending School

  • China National Nutritionist

  • The Science of Cooking by Harvardx

  • Nutrition and Health by WageningenX

  • International Champion of Taiji 

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